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First of all, Thank You for getting to my first blog, I can't even imagine where I should start. Let's start with  why I started "The Capsmith", yeah I think that's a good place. My name is Samuel but people call me "The Capsmith" haha wouldn't that be something, na people just call me Sam or "Hey that's The Capsmith".

My obsession for hats started around the time I went to middle school. At the time I was working for my dad's business which was a newspaper called "Tec-Mex" which was a Hispanic local newspaper with news, local listing similar to Craiglist but on paper and other puzzles and stories. My dad was actually the reason I started designing in the first place, I never really wanted to be on the computer, but my dad kept insisting on having me play with the software. I started to play with Corel Draw, a vector based designing software and that's where my love for design started. 

To not bore you with this quick blog story, I wore many hats, some being pre-press designer, screen printer, signage maker and many more that would bring me to this business. For soo long I didn't know what I wanted to do, I always dabbled in many fields but never really had the focus to stick to one thing. After 32 years of experimenting with many things, I decided to go full throttle with this business, and now I'm writing this blog. I don't regret all the things I did, but I do wish I would have focused earlier because this shit takes time!

Anyways, at one point I had over 100 hats, and they were all from Lids and if you've ever shopped there, those hats start anywhere from $30-$60 or even $80. I was that guy that wanted everything to match, the jersey, shoes and the hat. After all those years, I said I want to make my own stuff, but I want to be the top designer of hats.

Eventually I want to cut and sew everything and put it together myself because I know there will be way more creativity involved, but baby steps. I'm very happy with the growth I've had within these 3 years and I can see this really going where I want it to, but I know it takes time and dedication and that's a drive I've never lost.

My goal is to deliver unique hats, stuff you don't usually see around. I also want to become "that guy" that makes all the hats that the celebrities use. I know I'll get there, and it's just a matter of time, for now I just want to say thank you to everyone that has ever bought a hat from me or even just stopped by while vending at a pop-up; It really means a lot that someone would even bother walking to my booth to show interest.

Well, it's close to 11pm as I write this blog on a Sunday and I know one day I will come back to this a read it and say wow, so this is where it all started.


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